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                  • JF Compressor  
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                    Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
                    ADDC1.C7.C17 Huachuang Animation industrial park Panyu District Guangzhou China
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                    Inverter compressor unlimited prospects

                    The current market is the high energy consumption , high pollution phenomenon. But with the advancement of technology, the future will be expected to spend inverter compressor frequency transformation of more advanced technology at home and abroad for different markets , different condition design .

                    As a general machinery , air compressors use a very wide scale , it is due to the vulnerability of small, unmanned beloved other characteristics , its share of the mall is also growing rapidly. In today's lack of resources , energy conservation has now become the industry not to seek two principles, how effective has been the plan of the enterprise constantly seeking .

                    Followed to carry out economic , domestic large local companies return to the previous level of orders , and some even beyond the previous level. Attendant is busy producing , and in the production process , the inverter compressor on playing with a very important figure. Able to produce formed no small trouble , so we acquired the compressor division , is the first major air compressor specification invariance . And along with inverter compressor skills mature , can be said to meet this fundamental requirement.

                    Increasingly intense competition in the market of the moment, the air compressor industry should go to seek innovation and change . In the future, only be able to save more electricity for customers , creating greater value for customers of the enterprise, in order to stand out in a new round of competition in the industry . For the inverter compressor industry, perhaps still a long way to go , but for now, has appeared in front of bright sunshine , the future will be a sunny day of .

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