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                    Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
                    ADDC1.C7.C17 Huachuang Animation industrial park Panyu District Guangzhou China
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                    Compressed body with casting technology advantage of EPC
                    EPC casting process for production of casting has the advantages of high precision, good surface finish, the casting quality is light, is widely used in various parts of the body, cast on the compression, previously enterprise often uses traditional sand casting, casting produced often have sand holes and other defects, then switch to casting lost foam casting technology, sand hole defect set, brushing process and buried box molding produced by pouring system and reasonable basic does not exist.
                    The material for the production of HT250 compressed body in the casting, pressure test, thus casting slag, shrinkage, porosity effect of casting defects structure compactness can not.
                    The product is used by resin sand casting production, the resin prices continue to rise today, resin sand casting cost is increased significantly, the casting process has the following advantages of epc:
                    (1) abolished the sand, core making process, eliminating the traditional shape box, mold, repair, core and case, complicated operation, greatly simplifies the shakeout, casting cleaning and sand processing process, thus shortening the production cycle;
                    (2) hand due to negative pressure mould rigidity, iron is easy to realize the self feeding, thereby reducing the size of riser casting required; on the other hand, because the assembly degree of freedom model of bubble clusters, easy to implement a multi casting, improving the process yield.
                    (3) high precision casting: high dimension accuracy of castings, very close to the die casting process of castings, up to CT7 or more; the weight precision is MT7; the surface is smooth, the surface roughness above Ra12.5um.
                    (4) the machining allowance of casting, machining allowance according to casting process requires a minimum can be reduced to 1.5-2.0mm.
                    (5) for the structure design of casting provides full freedom degree, caused profound changes in a mechanical parts design, can realize the complex external and internal production of castings.
                    (6) the labor productivity, reduce the production personnel, personnel required significantly less than the traditional wet sand casting.
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