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                              1. JF Compressor  
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                                Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
                                ADDC1.C7.C17 Huachuang Animation industrial park Panyu District Guangzhou China
                                Company News  
                                The working principle of the air compressor oil gas separator
                                Blocked pressure resistance increases, lead to actual exhaust pressure increases, the unit energy consumption increased, increased production costs; the oil filter function: the oil filter's role is to filter the air compressor oil metal particles, impurities, make into the host is very clean oil, to protect the host safety operation of oil filter material: the replacement of the standard high precision filter oil filter of the actual use of time to meet the design life time after the replacement.
                                Oil filter design life usually use for 2000 hours. After the expiry of the need to be replaced. Air compressor environment condition of poor design should be used to shorten the time for service life of clogging alarm immediately after the replacement, the oil filter blockage alarm set value is usually the harm of 1.0-1.4bar oil filter clogging the extended use of: back to the oil is enough lead to exhaust temperature is too high, shorten the service life of oil and oil core plug back to the oil is enough to host lack of lubrication, causing the host life shorten seriously; without the filter core damage filter containing large amounts of metal impurities of oil into the host, causing damage to the host.
                                Air filter: air filter air compressor is a important protective barrier! Dust impurities filtered air compressor air drawn in, the inhaled air is more clean service life can the oil filter, oil and gas separation of core and oil more secure; prevent other foreign material into the host, because the host's part is very precision, clearance is important for 30-150&micro; therefore, the entry of foreign matter to host will damage, leading to the replacement of the standard host "locking" even scrapped air filter: the replacement of the standard air filter air filter design is based on the service life of the air compressor and air quality of the environment situation.
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